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In a rut with your productions? We’ve all been there. I have put together a comprehensive list of the best Massive Presets both free & paid for producers.

There’s no better feeling than being able to stumble onto new presets, especially for such a great software like Massive.

There are a ton of Massive preset packs & the reason why I wanted to put this article together is so that I could highlight the ones that I’ve used & been able to do research on so you don’t have to.

Before we get into the list, let’s just do a quick history on Massive and the requirements.

Note: All of the following options that I list are royalty-free.

What Is Massive?

Massive is a wavetable synthesizer plugin similar to Serum. It came out in 2007 and quickly became a go-to option for a bunch of different genres because of its versatility, ease of use, and overall quality.

Note: If you’re someone who also uses Serum, don’t miss this roundup of the best presets for Serum.

Massive was created by Native Instruments and it is easily one of their biggest creations to this day. With a total of 1300 stock presets, it gives producers a look into pretty much every type of sound they want to explore.

Requirements For Massive By Native Instruments

One thing I want to note with running Massive & downloading presets is that you will want to have a fast PC or laptop. I recommend having the following specs to provide you with a good experience.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to check out new Massive presets and having your computer freeze for 20 seconds at a time.

The following specs will help prevent this:

  •  2 – 3 GHz processor
  • • 16 GB of RAM
  • • NVIDIA Quadro FX series graphics card
  • macOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14 or 10.15 (latest update), i5
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 

While these are the requirements for Massive, you will need additional space for the following presets listed below.

Best Presets For Massive

I graded the following presets below & placed them on this list based on the overall quality & uniqueness of the sounds. I hope you enjoy the list. I have listed which presets are best for which genres to make it easier to decide.

Note: I noticed that a lot of other websites currently have lists up from years ago with a lot of links that no longer work. All Massive presets presented here are up to date and work.

1) Loopmasters Ultimate Massive Presets – All Genres

Ultimate Massive Presets

Loopmasters is a fantastic company that specializes in providing producers with high-quality sample packs/& production software overall. This preset pack comes with over 400 presets for Massive including patches for all styles of production.

You can expect the presets to include EDM synths, drops, freaky house, glitch, techno, trap, dubstep, & DNB sounds. The reason why I really like these presets is that you get a wide variety of usable sounds and inspiration for all genres.

If you’re someone dabbling with all sorts of genres, you will find this pack to be just what you do.

The one thing that surprised me with this pack is that you get 160 bass presets. This is a whopping number and most of these patches are ready for your mixes immediately.

2) Modern Massive Sounds – Trap/R&B/Future Pop

Modern Massive Pack

Modern Massive Sounds provides you with 65 presets that are all targeted towards trap/R&B. These fit the production style of everything that you are hearing in current trap productions.

There’s a variety of bass sounds, plucked sounds, pads, and keyboards. Some of these keyboard patches are super slick and made me want to instantly download them and make tracks with them.

These presets are more on the chill-trap side of productions, so if you’re looking for something less aggressive & dark, these are a good start.

3) Atmospheric Pads & Drones By Loopmasters – Presets For Film-scoring/Trap


Get ready for 64 presets of pads/drones. Drones have been all over modern productions for genres ranging from rap to even country.

With this being said, I would recommend these presets for those looking to make film-score productions. They have a warm feel to them that also feels mysterious and hopeful.

You can expect wide stereo pads along with some huge cinematic soundscapes.

Some of these presets remind me of some of the nexus presets that you can find. I think this is a good thing as Nexus is still an incredible program.

*Version 1.4+ of Massive is required to use these presets.

4) Massive Drum Presets – DNB/House/Trap

Drum Presets For Massive

These presets are all percussion presets for Massive. You can expect kicks/snares/hi-hats/ and one shots. The drum presets in this pack work best for those looking to make DNB/trap/house/techno.

In other words, they work for a wide variety of electronic music. All in all, there are 80 custom presets that you can place into your productions from the second you download them.

5) Complextro Presets – Dubstep

Complextro presets

Complextro presets is a unique take on dubstep presets. You can expect a lot of wobbly bass sounds that blend and mix into an even more indie rock type of sound.

There are 64 presets total with this pack and it provides you with 33 ripping leads and 20 basses. These sounds are very high energy, so get ready to create the next dance floor anthem.

Free Massive Presets & Samples

Below is a list of a bunch of different active free presets for Massive. All of these downloads work and one thing to check is that you have the current version of Massive.

If you’re a fan of free plugins, I also highly recommend you checking out the best free piano VSTs available.

My favorite is the Pulse presets. With over 500 free options, it’s really hard to compete. There’s also a Youtube video on the link that shows you all of the sounds.

What To Avoid With Massive Presets

Stay away from sketchy websites when it comes to downloading any software on your website. All of the options that I have listed are all from reputable sources and secure websites.

Make sure when downloading free Massive presets that you doing it from a safe website.

Wrapping Up

Massive presets can elevate your game to the next level by simply sparking inspiration. I hope this list gives you some great options that can help take you on your journey.

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