Best 25 Key MIDI Keyboards 2024 – I Tested 11 Controllers

Me with two MIDI controllers

Are you looking to pick up a MIDI controller, but not looking to break your bank? I went out and tested 11 of the most popular 25 MIDI controllers to make this list.

If you’re not a pianist and you’re using the controller solely to make simple beats, 25 keys is really all you need. I say this as I own nearly all MIDI controllers on the market for all sizes.

The reason is simple: they are usually packed with enough features to experiment and create, affordably priced, and are still small enough for smaller studios.

In this article we breakdown the best 25 key MIDI controllers for all price points. Some options are going to come with additional free software & also have more features.

I urge you to also review our article that breaks down every size MIDI controller on the market.

Our Picks After Extensive Research

Below is our list of the best options available.

Akai MPK 225

Akai MPK 225

The MPK 225 is a portable, yet powerful option for beginners. With a solid number of pads and controls, the MPK225 provides producers with everything they need when starting.

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The Akai MPK225 is currently the best available option. It has a solid build, great MIDI functionality, assignable aftertouch, 8 encoders, and 8 drum pads.

This keyboard is great for touring, as it works really well with Ableton Live, and it is also fantastic for studios. One thing to note here is that the durability of this is far superior to most of its competitors. The MPK225 is built like a tank and can handle van life and touring.

I’ve used this controller for over two years and it still remains my favorite option for 25 keys.

My 225

The pad functionality is great, which makes this a perfect pick for hip-hop artists who are making beats on their keyboards.

This is one of the more popular keyboards that you see touring keyboardists using, due to its portability and Ableton functionality.


  • 25 velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch
  • 8 velocity and pressure-sensitive pads
  • 8 encoders
  • pitch-bend and mod wheels
  • 1 sustain input, 1 USB input, 1 expression input
  • Included software: VIP 3.0
  • Power: Bus-powered
  • Weight: 6.09 pounds


Overall, the MPK225 delivers in performance, durability, and its bundled software. This keyboard will last you years as a portable option. If you’re looking for more keys, this is also available in 49 and 61 keys.

Novation Launchkey MK3 Mini – Best Budget Pick

Best Mini MIDI Keyboard
Novation MK III Mini

The Novation Mini is specifically built for Ableton. It's small enough to fit in your backpack, yet powerful enough to allow you to create beats on the go.

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This keyboard is one of the coolest looking controllers you can find and it is currently the best mini MIDI controller option available.

The Launchkey MK3 mini is one of the most portable options, weighing under 1.5 pounds. You won’t be playing crazy piano parts on this, but you will be taking advantage of its sequencer, arpeggiator and 16 pads.

This option has smaller keys as it’s a mini, however, the keys play pretty well and the price point is hard to beat.

If you’re looking to control external hardware synths, you can do so with the MIDI out port on this controller. This is great as a lot of mini options do not have this feature.

I am truly impressed with this option, and that’s why I’ve included it with the full-size 25 key options.

Another great thing with this keyboard is that it’s bundled with some amazing software including some piano VSTs. I like that, as having a great piano sound is key for a lot of different styles of music.


  • 16 back-lit LED drum pads
  • 25 mini keys
  • 8 rotary knobs
  • pitch modulation and pitch bend sliders
  • Fixed Chord Mode: Makes chords easier for beginners
  • MIDI Out


I believe that this is the best budget pick. You get smaller keys that aren’t as functional, but additional features that the above picks don’t have.

Novation Impulse 25 – Great For Ableton

Novation Impulse 25

The Impulse 25 is an older option. With this being said, it works wonders with Ableton and offers some solid key-action for being 25 keys. The interface is also great as it's quite large.

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The Novation Impulse 25 is a great option that has a decent key-bed, good pad functionality, and an easy interface.

There are two wheels that work for modulation and pitch-bend that are pretty well built.

The Impulse has 8 encoders, 8 pads and one fader that help stream-line your sessions for ease of use.

my pulse 8 overview

I owned this controller for a couple of years and I have to say, it works well. 25 key controllers are not going to blow you away with their key-action. This is important to note because I always see people saying, “the keys feel cheap.” Of course, they do.

They’re not meant to feel like pianos, they’re meant to be budget options to allow you to control your DAW. If you’re not familiar with DAWs yet, you can check up our roundup on the best free DAWs.


  • 25 velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch
  • 1 sustain input, 1 expression input
  • USB type B
  • Weight 7.72 pounds
  • Encoders: 8
  • Pads: 8
  • Faders: 1
  • Controllers: 1 pitch-bend, 1 mod-wheel


This controller is a little bit cheaper than the Akai MPK225, so for this reason, people on a budget could choose this. You’re not going to miss out on too much, I just personally prefer the MPK225.

Nektar Impact LX25+

Nektar Impact LX25+

The Nektar LX 25+ is a fantastic controller. This is relatively new, has firm pads, and the controls are laid out where I prefer, in the middle.

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The Nektar Impact LX25 is a total budget controller that actually has some great functionality.

The DAW integration is great with FL Studio, Repear, Studio One, Ableton Live, and all of the other major DAWS.

If you currently have FL Studio, you can read more about best FL Studio Plugins currently available here.

This doesn’t feel as solid to me as the MPK225, but it’s also over $100 cheaper. The important thing with this controller is that it has 25 full-sized keys and good MIDI functionality. It simply works and allows you to test the waters.

It is important to note that this controller works best with Bitwig 8.


  • Encoders: 8
  • Faders: 1
  • Controllers: Pitch-bend and mod-wheel
  • 1 sustain pedal input


Overall, the Nektar LX25 is a solid budget controller. There aren’t a ton of negative reviews for this keyboard as it is affordable and works well.

Why Use A 25 Key Controller?

MIDI Controllers Use

Ease of use: 25 key controllers are about as convenient as it gets. They’re a little bit bigger than mini MIDI controllers, however, they also offer you bigger keys and usually features.

Portability: While they might not fit in your backpack as a mini controller would, they are still quite portable. I toured with a 25 key controller and I frequently would place it under a van seat. It was portable, yet still durable enough for the road.

Offers A Different Feel: Some producers like to have a larger controller and a smaller controller. It creates a different kind of feeling depending on the track and people that you are working with. Sometimes it’s nice to just grab the smaller controller and start working.

Things To Look For In A 25 Key Keyboard

What Do MIDI Keyboards Look Like

Keys: You’re not going to find weighted keys on a 25 key keyboard. With this being said, the keys can still vary greatly from controller to controller. I recommend finding a controller that has aftertouch as it will be a heavily used feature.

Pads: Not all controllers will have drum pads. If you’re planning on creating beats you may want to find a controller with pads. Pads will help with triggering samples and launching scenes.

Other Controllers: Some options will have pitch bend and pitch modulation wheels/strips. I typically like to have wheels as opposed to strips. With this being said, the strips are good if you’re traveling frequently.

Bundled Software: You can find some controllers that come with free software. The free software is usually VSTS or DAWS. VSTS are going to be your best friend when it comes to writing music on your controller. DAWS are basically your command center, as you will be doing most of the work inside your DAWS.

Weight: The weight is important if you’re planning on traveling frequently. If you’re planning on just keeping it in your studio, this won’t matter as much. 25 key controllers will usually range from about 4 pounds to 8 pounds on the high-end.

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