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One thing to keep in mind is that all of the keyboard cases that we go over are also available in smaller sizes. I have listed the larger size, but if you want something smaller, they are made in smaller sizes as well.

There are many different types of 88 key keyboards out there and it is important to look for cases that will protect your investment. Keyboard workstations are quite expensive, as well as nicer digital pianos if you have one of these we recommend one of the hard keyboard cases.

One thing I noticed as a musician is that music venues will take you and your band more seriously when they see you have the proper equipment and the cases are no exception to this.

What Type Of Protection/Durability Do I Need From My Keyboard Case?

Nylon Cases

If you’re a musician who is just starting out or does gigs on the weekends, you might only need a nylon case. These are typically going to be cheaper than 88 key keyboard hard cases and flight cases, but they still give decent protection. Nylon cases will vary and some of them will provide more protection than others and come with straps to lock your instrument in.

Hard Cases

For musicians who are looking for more protection for their keyboards, hard cases are the next step up. Hard cases are generally a little more expensive, but they do provide much more durability and protection for a case. Most of these cases will come with wheels and handles, so you don’t have to worry about lugging around a heavy case.

These cases are perfect for musicians who may be touring and having to put their case in with a bunch of other equipment. These cases can be a bit bulky so we recommend proper transportation means for the dimensions of the case. If the wheels on the case start to go over time, you can use WD-40 to grease them back up.

Flight Cases

88 key keyboard flight cases are heavy-duty cases that are built for maximum protection. These cases are typically more expensive, but if you plan on flying your instrument, you will need something with their durability. Another key point for your case is that hard cases typically are too big to meet restrictions for planes, which is why there are flight cases.

Keyboard Flight cases can come with wheels and they come with a hard exterior to prevent any damage when flying or traveling in the back of the trailer.

What Are The Dimensions And Weight Of Your Case?

This is important for figuring out if your keyboard will fit in the case safely. It is also important because some of these products can be much heavier than the others. When you get into the hard cases you will see a big jump in weight and they are going also be bulkier.

One of the common mistakes buyers make is buying a product that doesn’t fit their keyboard. If your case is a little bit bigger than your keyboard that is totally fine because you can add foam to fill the space.

What Is Going In Your Case?

If you’re looking to put an expensive keyboard into your case, we recommend investing in a hard case or flight case. If you buy one of the nicer nylon cases you also could be fine, you just want to make sure your investment is more than safe. Nylon cases will also be much cheaper than the above options.


When your keyboard is in a trailer there is a high risk that heavier equipment could fall on top of it, this is why we recommend a hard case or flight case for your keyboard in this instance.

Rain is also a risk, cases will give your instrument safety from bad weather. Every time you carry your keyboard without a case you risking dropping it and doing serious internal damage.

Without Further Ado, Let’s Take A Look At My Favorite Cases

Best 88 Key Keyboard Cases

Below are our favorite 88 key keyboard cases. These range from professional level to beginner level.

Gator Cases GTSA-KEY88D – Best 88 Key Keyboard Flight Case

Gator cases have a respectable name when it comes to instrument cases. The Gator GTSA 88 is one of their best cases that they make and it also one of the best 88 key keyboard flight cases on the market as well. This case uses polyethylene as the exterior to protect the instrument from serious damage.

It is going to be extremely light compared to the road cases we will be looking at.

The GTSA-Key88D is equipped with two TSA locking latches that are protected by impact diversion dishes for maximum protection. Something cool about this product is that it comes with a wedge and block design which allows you to fully customize your case for the most protective position.

Another cool feature is it comes with heavy-wheels and handles for transportation.

This was built to fit the most popular keyboards out there including Yamaha, Nord, Dave Smith, Roland, Kurzweil, Moog, and Korg. When Gator built this case they built it to fit as many brands they could. Let’s take a look at some specs below.

If you are looking for a new quality keyboard, I recommend checking out my favorite Roland keyboards here.

Key Features

  • Weight: 33 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 64.5 x 10.5 x 22.2 inches
  • 200 pound Recessed In-Line Wheel Weight Capacity
  • Fits Extra Deep 88-Note Keyboards
  • Made of polyethylene
  • Two TSA Approved Locking Latches Ideal for Air Travel

OSP Cases ATA Road Case – Best Road Road Case

OSP is the industry standard for quality keyboard cases. This road case provides extreme protection for keyboards of high value.

This road case is meant for touring musicians who want to protect their investment. OSP makes this same case for smaller instruments as well.

The wheels have edge-mounted casters and this is a feature that stands out with this case.

Also, the plywood is a rugged 3/8″ plywood with black laminate for maximum protection. This case comes with 2″ soft compression foam on the interior. This is the heaviest case, but it’s because it offers the most protection.

The latches on OSP 88 cases feel really nice and they are built to handle heavy instruments. There’s a space inside for cords or sustain pedals which is really nice. Let’s take a look at the specs below.

Key Features

  • Industrial-Grade Rivets, Latches, Spring-Loaded Handles
  • Rugged 3/8″ Plywood with Black Laminate
  • Heavy-Duty Edge-Mounted Casters
  • Weight: 84 pounds
  • Exterior Dimensions: 71 x 24 x 15 inches

G-Tour 88

The G-Tour 88 is great for touring. This case is going to be too big to use as a flight case, but for serious musicians who are looking to tour or have professional protection, this is a good choice. It comes with heavy-duty plywood construction and PVC interior.

This case comes with wheels and handles that will help with long load-ins. There are adjustable foam pads inside of this keyboard road case for maximum protection. Let’s look at some specs below.

Key Features

  • Weight: 21 Pounds
  • Interior Dimensions: 59″ Length, 19″ Width, 6.63″ Height
  • Heavy-duty plywood construction with PVC exterior
  • Recessed wheels and spring-loaded rubber-gripped handles

Roland RRC88W RRC-88W

Roland isn’t exactly known for making instrument cases, however, this is up to standard with most of the cases out there right now.

It comes with low-profile wheels so the wheels are more protected.

This road case is totally built for the road and it is a bit on the heavier side, however, that is because it comes with more protection.

The plywood on this case is thicker than most of the road cases on the market.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty grade recessed hardware
  • Weight: 53 Pounds
  • Premium 3/8-inch plywood with rugged black vinyl laminate
  • Interior Dimensions: 57.28 in. x 15.35 in.

Gator Cases G-PG-88SLIM

This case is going to be an in-between for serious musicians and musicians who are just looking for some protection.

If you’re not going to be doing a crazy tour and just want a solid case, this one will get the job done.

The G-PG comes with straps inside to lock your instrument in for more safety. There are pouches on the sides for any equipment you may want to store as well and this is a unique feature.

Let’s take a look at the specs below.

  • Micro-fleece interior
  • Thickly padded sidewalls
  • Weight: 9 Pounds
  • Interior Dimensions: 51.5” X 15.5” X 6.5” 

Gator Cases GKB-88 SLIM – Best Entry Level Case 

The GKB is going to be the cheapest option. This is a case made of heavy-duty nylon construction.

If you’re looking for something to just give your instrument protection when you take it in and out of your car, this is a good option. When considering purchasing cases for a cheaper keyboard, this is a great option.

We don’t recommend extensive or even intermediate touring with this case, as it doesn’t provide a ton of protection from other music equipment. However, for musicians who don’t need a huge road case, this case makes a lot of sense and is much cheaper.

Let’s take a look at the specs below.

Key Features

  • Heavy Duty Rugged Nylon Construction
  • Interior dimension:52.5″L x 15″W x 6″H
  • Weight: 6 Pounds
  • Reinforced Comfort Riveted Carry Handles

Do I Need A Keyboard Case If I Don’t Have An 88 Key Keyboard?

It depends on how expensive your instrument was. If you only have a 49 key keyboard, but it is expensive and you’re going to be doing some touring, then yes you should purchase a 49 key case. Cases are built in all different sizes and it is important that you make sure your instrument will fit inside your case regardless of how many keys it has.

Click here to check my favorite 49 key MIDI keyboards.

If you have a cheaper keyboard, you obviously wouldn’t need a flight case then, something simple and cheap would work.

Advantages To Owning An 88 Key Keyboard Flight-Case

The advantages to this are simple, protection. You will be spending more money on a flight case, but if it protects your investment it is by far worth it. I have seen some horror stories with musicians using nylon cases and taking them on the plane.

The airport employees don’t always care what is inside your luggage and it doesn’t matter to them if something smashes into your keyboard destroying it.

Do I Want A Case With Wheels?

If you are touring, I would say yes, absolutely. I got over three years of touring out of mine and the wheels made my life easier since my keyboard was 75 pounds.

You don’t absolutely need wheels, but if you’re spending the money, might as well get something that’s going to also make your life easier in the long run of touring. Most keyboard flight cases will come with wheels as well.

The wheels do get worn down over time, but for the most part, they will last you at least a few years before you would need to replace the wheels on your case.


We hope this list provided you with the information to purchase the right case. Keyboard cases are an important investment and we hope we provided you with the information you need to purchase one. If you like the list, leave a comment below and let us know.

  1. I have a Kurzweil Piano Module and am looking for an 88key controller. I’m not to concerned with the DAWS aspect for now. I was looking at the M-Audio Keystation 88 MK3. What would you recommend?

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