Best Serum Presets For All Genres 2024 – Free & Paid

Interface Of Serum

Serum was created in 2010 by American DJ Steve Duda. Since then, it has taken the music production world by storm and can be heard all over music of every genre.

Today I am going to present you with the best Serum Presets for all genres of music, including free options. This wavetable synthesizer plugin is extremely deep and these presets offer amazing depth for your productions.

If you don’t have Serum yet and you are looking to learn a little bit more before downloading presets, here’s a quick look at the requirements.

Note: the following options are royalty-free, meaning that you can use them for your productions. All of the retailers I link to for the plugins are all the most reputable places to shop for plugins.

Quick Look At Our Top Picks

  • 1800 Total Presets
  • Great For Hip Hop
  • eautiful synthwave pads
  • 81 Presets
  • 100 Serum Presets
  • Ripping Basses & Leads

Serum Requirements/Specs

I would recommend having a decent laptop or PC if you plan on getting into Serum. A faster workstation allows for a much better workflow that will help you in pretty much every way as a producer.

Below are the specs/requirements that you will need to run Serum and get into the presets.

  • Windows: 7 SP1
  • Mac OS X 10.8 or greater
  • 450 stock presets
  • 144 wavetables
  • Available in : VST, AU, AAX 64bit

Before getting into this list, I recently checked out Divine Serum Presets by Unitrcrds and some of these patches are incredible.

Here’s a link to them.

Best Serum Presets

Below is a complete list of every Serum preset list, which includes both free & paid options. I have separated the list to show each genre to make it easy to decide what you need.

1) Loopmasters Synthwave – Perfect for 80s music

Synthwave Presets

This Serum preset pack is built for synthwave music. You can expect crunchy/warm bass sounds, analog leads, keyboard patches, and a bunch of wav loops with this pack.

The purpose of this pack is to capture the sounds of the early 80s electronica music, and in my opinion, they nailed it. These sounds are perfect for certain types of film scores as well as modern synthwave music.

All in all, you are provided with 81 presets for Serum that will have you thinking of the hit tv show, Stranger Things in no time.

2) TrapBox – Trap/Hip-Hop

Trapbox presets by Audeo

TrapBox is brought to you by Audeobox and this company brings it when it comes to preset packs & samples. TrapBox is for producers looking for trap/hip-hop presets for Serum.

With a wide range of leads, plucks, and bass grooves, you will instantly be able to add to your trap productions. These presets can be used for all different styles of production when it comes to hip-hop.

Bringing 159 presets to your disposal, you will find it easy to instantly improve some of your latest productions. One thing I really dig with these presets is the plucked sounds. These are reminiscent of some of my favorite harp VSTs with great harp sounds.

For those of you familiar with some of the recent Eminem productions, you will find these presets to good use.

3) Heavy Duty Jump-Up 2 – EDM/DNB

DNB Samples

Heavy Duty Jump-Up 2 is a preset pack that packs in 101 Serum presets along with over 300 drum and bass loops. With this pack, you can expect to find gritty basses that will rip through any EDM/DNB mix along with some great loops.

The name of this pack comes from trying to capture “get up and jump” riffs that you hear in EDM & DNB. While you can use these presets for any genre of music, you will be able to hear instantly why they work so well for EDM.

From stabs to slashing basses, to drops, Jump-2 should work well in your arsenal for EDM.

4) Dark Serum Presets By Plugin Boutique – Eerie Techno/Urban

Dark Serum

This Serum preset expansion pack boasts 64 eerie sounds that I think are perfect for a wide variety of productions. There’s a mixture of sounds ranging from wobbles, basses, leads, stabs, and bells and they all have that dark vibe to them.

These presets could be used for trap productions since they provide you with that haunting vibe in basically every patch provided. There is some great level of detail in these presets and you will be able to throw these into your productions immediately.

The best part of these presets in my opinion would be the pads. You are provided 10 pads that are so haunting and I can’t get enough of them.

5) Light Serum Presets By Plugin Boutique – Chill-wave/Ambient Electronica

Light Serum Expansion

Light Serum Presets presents you with 64 patches that include bass, bells, plucks, brass, stabs, etc. This expansion pack is great for ambient electronic productions.

This pack is basically the opposite as the above Dark presets as every sound has this bright/chill feel to it. If you’re a producer looking to make ambient productions, this will work great.

While these presets don’t present you with hundreds of options, most of the patches are going to provide you with something new for your latest tracks.

6) What About: Phantom Presets – Dubstep/Future Bass

Phantom Presets

WA Production brings a massive 233 presets to the table with this pack. All of these sounds are designed by professional producers and sound designers and it shows.

This pack requires Serum 1.209 or higher in order to run. The range of sounds with this pack is pretty great in my honest opinion. 233 presets is a solid amount of new presets to pick from, especially for those heavily into the electronic scene.

This is the type of preset pack in which you will find sounds that immediately inspire you to work on a new track. To me, if a synth is able to do that, it has done its job well.

7) Dance Essentials – Future House


Producer Tech put together 74 high-quality presets for Serum that bring it when it comes to Future House music. What this pack does best is present you with 22 phenomenal bass patches that work for all types of electornic music.

On top. of bass sounds, Dance Essentials also gives you some nice sequences for Future House & some ripping leads. Something that my band always did with our music is use sounds that were in this department and mix it with rock music, this works well and gives a unique touch.

If you’re in search of serum presets for Future House, I highly recommend giving this pack a try.

8) Tropical House By Resonance Sound – Tropical House Sounds

Resonance Sound Tropical House

Tropical House is brought to us by Resonance Sound and brings 64 presets to the table. These sounds were made with summer in mind. You can expect smooth plucked instruments, kalimbas, pianos, and pads that are in the style of Kygo, Seeb, and Sam Feldt.

I would recommend these presets for uplifting summer tracks that scream tropical music. What’s unique about these sounds is that they also bring a house music vibe to them while still feeling like you’re on a beach jamming out.

*These presets require V1.13 or newer from Serum.

9) Retrowave 2 – Retro Synth Wave

Retro Wave 2

Not only does Retro Wave 2 give you 50 Serum presets, you’re also getting a ton of samples in this same department. First thoughts when listening to the presets is that it reminded me of “Plastic Beach” by Gorillaz.

The sounds are uplifting and reminiscent of early 80s music, but I could also hear them with modern productions easily.

On top of the 50 presets, you also get 15 wavetable synths that are totally 80s.

If you’re looking to make throwback 80s music, check out these sounds and hop in the time-travel portal.

10) Drip Sauce – Trap/Hip-Hop

Drip Sauce Presets

Production Master brings to you 50 presets for Serum that are in the trap/hip-hop realm. A lot of the sounds are dark and fit the current scene of hip-hop music stylistically.

Upon first playing with these, I could immediately start getting ideas for beats and that was a good feeling. On top of getting the presets, you are also getting over 1 GB of samples that include some incredibly fat 808s.

11) Serum Trap By Loopmasters

Trap Presets For Serum

These Serum trap presets give you 75 new patches to play with. The best part of these presets is by far the gritty basses and leads. I was also surprised by the wavetable sounds that fully take advantage of Serum.

On top of the basses, you are also going to be able to experiment with some high-energy risers that are ready for the dance floor.

You need the full version of Serum to use any of these presets. I would also recommend having the latest version if possible to avoid any problems.

12) Indie Dance By Loop Masters – Indie Electronica

Indie Presets

These presets are marketed as “Indie” and I have to say, they give you that indie electronica feel. I would compare these presets to something that you would hear from the band Neon Indian. Beautiful soundscapes with warm sounding leads and basses.

There are 64 Serum specific presets all in that indie electronica wheelhouse. If you’re into more low-key electronica music, these presets should jump perfectly into your mixes.

There are 14 chord presets that happened to be my favorite while playing through these.

Free Serum Presets

For those of you producing on a budget, check out these free presets for Serum below. My favorite below is the Angelic Vibes presets. They’re perfect for chill trap productions.

Wrapping Up

I hope my article highlighting the best Serum presets has helped you in your journey towards better productions. Which ones are your favorites? If you have used presets not mentioned in this list, let me know below!

  1. This is a great post and I already have 5 of those packs. But my favourite pack is missing. It’s ACE serum presets by Mystic Alankar. You gotta include that in your list! 🙂

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