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Ukelele VSTS

Ukuleles are super fun instruments that have been used recently in modern pop music thanks to bands like twenty one pilots. I think this is a good thing as it is typically a rather easy instrument to learn the basics of. Ukulele VSTS have their use in modern music as it is sometimes easier to get a great sound out of VST.

In this article, we are going to take a deep look at the best ukulele VST plugins available.

Quick Glance At My Favorite Ukulele Plugins

Editor’s Pick Ukulele Collection
  • Most Realistic Sound
  • Great Presets
  • Affordable
  • 6 Different Effects
Alternative Acous6tics
  • Biggest Library Including Acoustic Guitars
  • One Of The Most Used Guitar Plugins
  • Between 4,000 & 8,000 Samples Done On Each Instrument
Budget Strings
  • 50 Kontakt Instruments
  • Easy To Use
  • Inexpensive

It is my opinion that ukulele VSTS can be used for various styles of music. If you take a look at modern pop music production, you will notice that a lot of producers are creating unique sounds.

Take a band like AJR. This band actually takes real instruments and messes them up. The common way today is to take a VST and make that sound crazy.

The Use Of Ukulele VSTS

You can use these to lay down chords or to experiment even with leads. I personally think ukuleles sound great playing chords progressions. They add this emotional element to the music that not all instruments are able to capture.

If you watch TV, the chances are that you have heard hundreds of commercials with ukulele or ukulele samples in them. This is because they generally are responsible for creating that happy carefree mood.

For example, take a commercial for Target. They’re wanting to put you into the shopping mood and put a smile on your face. A ukulele usually does the trick. If you pay attention to the commercials, you will be surprised how many music beds incorporate the ukulele.

What Is A Ukulele VST?

The ukulele is a member of the guitar family as far as instruments go. It has four strings and it is a lot easier to learn than an acoustic guitar as the strings are much easier to press and hold down.

With this being said, a ukulele VST is a virtual ukulele. Its job is to emulate a real ukulele in as many ways as it possibly can. VSTS are making a lot of studio musicians quite angry as a lot of producers are starting to use VSTS instead of real musicians. The reasons being simple: it saves money and a lot of people can’t really tell the difference.

Why Use Ukulele Plugins?

The answer is simple: because they’re perfect instruments for certain types of music. I mentioned above, they’re great for creating commercial syncs as well as for creating certain types of pop music.

Popular Songs That Use Ukulele

The first song that comes to mind is “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” This is a beautiful song that most people have heard at least once in their lives. The ukulele instantly puts people into a certain mental state that is overall calming.

Another song is, “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.” This is one of my favorite songs as I believe the emotion captured in this song is super powerful.

A few others are:

  • Sunday Morning
  • Hey Jude
  • Losing My Religion
  • No Woman, No cry

I get that these songs use real ukuleles, however, ukulele VSTS could easily be used to create songs today.

Best Ukulele VSTS & Sample Libraries

Ukulele Strum – Wavesfactory

Ukulele Strum by Wavesfactory is a great plugin that sounds super realistic. This is used through the Kontakt Player and it comes in at a pretty moderate price.

This is currently the sample library that I find to be the most appealing for ukuleles. There really aren’t a ton of great options yet and this is one in my opinion.

Note: Ukulele Strum requires the Kontakt Player version 4 or 5 in order to use it.


This is currently the best sounding library that I have used. It is extremely easy to use and it sounds rather good just from the presets. The interface is very basic, but it’s kind of a good thing as it adds its ease of use.


Overall, this is currently my favorite ukulele plugin library.

Ukulele Bundle By 8DIO

If you’ve read my reviews, you will know that I frequently speak highly of 8DIO. This sample library is absolutely gigantic coming in at over 2000 samples. The samples sound very realistic and they nailed some of the more intricate dynamics of the ukulele.

The one bad thing about this sample pack is that it is quite expensive.


Ukulele Strummer sounds fantastic in my opinion. This is definitely the most in-depth ukulele VST that there currently is. You can jump into different chord progressions and different chords super easily and they immediately sound nice.

All of the sounds are created 100% dry, but you can add reverb and other effects when necessary.


This is a great ukulele plugin, but as I said, it is very expensive. If you can swing the money for this, I don’t think you’ll end up being disappointed.

Samsara Ukulele VST – Best Free Ukulele VST

This is a free VST that sounds pretty decent. Keep in mind that this is free. There will be people who complain about the sound, but I think it gives you an idea of what a better product will sound like.


The sound is okay. I don’t believe it is breathtaking or even solid. However, it gets the job done for new producers looking to wet their feet in a free-way.


The Samsara ukulele VST is your average free VST that is perfect for those looking for free plugins. I personally don’t love the sound, but it might be just what you need.


I hope this article gave you a few different options that will be worth your time. Personally, my favorite is the Ukulele Strum by Wavesfactory. If you’re looking for something cheap, then go with the free option by Samsara Cycle.

Leave a comment if you found this helpful or if you enjoy any of these plugins!

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