Best Video Game Songs To Learn To Play On Piano

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Today I am going to be breaking down the best video game songs that you can learn on the piano.

As an avid gamer growing up and a pianist, I was always on the search for video games that I could learn on the piano. The reason being simple: these songs have a way of bringing in such nostalgia and emotion that other songs don’t always seem to bring.

Video games songs are often of the intermediate level, yet can be simplified for beginners simply by watching a few Youtube tutorials. This allows people of all skill levels to play some of their favorite songs on the piano.

Those of you have fallen in love with some of your favorite video games theme songs, should find this list of songs fun and enjoyable.

Note: Like any list, this is solely based on my personal liking. The list is meant to connect with you and maybe show you a few songs that you have not yet played. A couple of these songs are also great classical songs for beginners to learn as well.

Best Video Games Songs To Play For Pianists

The follow are not all theme songs to video games. Some are tracks that are played during the gameplay.

1) To Zanarkand – Final Fantasy X

Written by Nobuo Uematsu, To Zanarkand comes in with the number one spot on our list. This is an absolutely beautiful song that pulls at your heartstrings.

Those who have played the Final Fantasy games growing up know how great of a composer Nobuo Uematsu is, as well as how beautiful of a song this is.

What’s great about this song for pianists is that this song truly allows you to play with expression throughout the entire piece. I’ve seen people play this song faster than it was originally written and I still think it packs so much emotion.

To Zanarkand is a song for those who want to play a song that starts quiet and grows into a masterpiece.

2) Dr Wily’s Stage 1 – Megaman 2

This is a completely different pace from the number one song listed above. Something about this song has always pumped me up and just brought me back the Mega Man series video games.

It’s a face paced barnburner of a song, but it still has a ton of emotion and a great melody. This song will bring you back to the days of playing Mega Man for hours on end without a care in the world.

What’s great about a song like this is that it will definitely help improve your finger dexterity and strength.

3) Those Who Fight – Final Fantasy 7

This song is definitely not for beginners. There are multiple parts of it that are just insanely creative and beautiful at the same time. It’s challenging, fast-paced and super fun to play.

If you have an instructor, this would be a great piece to learn with them so they can teach you all of the correct technique and dynamics right away.

From the opening notes from Nobuo Uematsu, you are immediately brought back to the battle theme from FF7, which is for some, the greatest video game of all time.

If you’re looking to be pushed and to learn a challenging song, this is a great a pick.

4) Yesterday – Maple Story 2

Yesterstory is a song that I specifically remember learning some years ago. It is such a beautiful song that you can’t help but crack a smile during. This song can definitely be learned by intermediate players and even by beginners.

We get a much happier feeling in this song that still feels nostalgic as well. The reason why I put this on the list is the fact that it stands out and really has its own feeling. I’ve heard a lot of video game songs just not connect the way they should in time.

5) Tristram – Diablo 2

This song is not going to be super well known. Diablo 2 is a computer game that has some absolutely legendary music. With that being said, I believe that this one translates really well to the piano.

This is not going to be easy for beginners to play, however, it will definitely be a great song to listen to.


These are some of my favorite video game songs to play on the piano. I hope that you found this list enjoyable and if you would like me to add any, just let me know below!

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