Free Piano Sheet Music Websites That Offer Legal Music

I want to start this article by saying, I am a musician has played in major label touring bands, so I totally get the touchiness of this topic. However, I’ve created this article in order to help out fellow musicians who are looking to find free sheet music that can help them learn and grow as a musician.

There are several good options out there, however, you will see that a lot of music is copywritten, so finding specific songs that you want, can be quite difficult and even illegal. With this being said, there are websites that pay in order to give you certain options and I was surprised when researching this topic at how many great songs are offered.

I highly recommend learning certain pieces that you want directly from youtube tutorials if you don’t want to pay for sheet music. This will get you better as a musician and it is free. There are also some amazing options available for doing this. You will also find free piano sheet music available on Youtube for certain songs.

The websites listed below offer free sheet music for various instruments including piano, guitar, violin oboe, etc.

Note: These websites listed below are part of the Creative Commons License or Public Domain. These websites are legal and not illegal suggestions. You will also notice that you can pay for music at some of these websites.

For those of you looking for some really cool beginner classical piano songs, you can do so at the link above

Best Sheet Music Sites


Musescore has many different options in instruments and voicings. One thing to keep in mind is that free sheet music might not always be perfect. Often-times it’s transposed by musicians who are being nice in the first place.

You should be able to find a wide variety of options on this website. Musescore is hands down the best website when it comes to offering free piano sheet music. You can also then upload your favorite MIDI with their software and it will transcribe it for you.

8 Notes

I remember coming to this website many years ago for piano sheet music. This is a great option and they provide you with free sheet music for many different instruments. I personally used this website and found it to be very helpful.

The owner of the site does a great job at composing some amazing free sheet music for musicians. You can use this website and also pay for a membership here. You will find that a lot of people have memberships at 8notes.


This is another website that offers a huge library of free sheet music. You may not find the exact song you’re looking for, but you will find a ton of different instrument options. If you find this site to be helpful, make sure to leave a comment about it in the comments below.


This website focuses mainly on free piano scores, but you can find other things here as well. I was surprised by the number of popular songs you can find here. This is a great option for musicians who are into modern bands rather than classical options.

In my opinion, this is a unique website that can really help young pianists who are looking to expand their song catalog.


There are a ton of different options at ChoralWiki. There are over 35,000 free sheet music arrangments for choral and vocal works by a wide variety of composers. You can search from this website, however, it will be mainly classical.

IMSLP ( International Music Score Library Project)

This is a gigantic sheet music website that offers over 145,000 works, 478,000 scores, 57,000 recordings, and 17,000 composers. In my opinion, this is a fantastic website that has a ton of great sheet music options for musicians.

Why Use Free Sheet Music & Paid Sheet Music Sites?

Because these sites can help you learn as a musician and also supply you with some great sheet music. I personally, love to have hard copies of classical songs that I learn, so I always purchase pieces from stores.

Free Sheet Music Website Alternatives

This might seem crazy, but honestly, Youtube is an amazing alternative. I personally think there’s more value from Youtube videos than from finding sheet music sites. Often-times the Youtuber breaks down the songs in a tutorial and learning this way will help develop your ear.

This is an example of what I was mentioning above. You can find tutorials that have the notes on keyboards right on them. It’s not always sheet music, but it’s still going to help you if you’re playing the piano. It’s almost like piano sheet music, in the sense that you will be able to apply it by watching the video. Some will also include sheet music.

Learning songs is a good way to get better at your instrument of choice and gain music theory knowledge at the same time. One of my favorite techniques was to listen to songs when I was first learning and then try to figure them out.

Free Sheet music websites can help with learning songs as you can use your ear and then verify with the sheet music.

Which Sites Are You Using For Piano Sheet Music?

Do you have any sites in specific that you enjoy? I am constantly trying to gain knowledge, so I would love for you to share it with me.

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  1. Hi,
    I think this is a very useful website if you are looking for free Public Domain sheet music for either an instrument or a group. Check it out.
    It’s the size of IMSLP and contains a lot of free music IMSLP does not have.
    Free Public Domain Music (Bach Brahms…. Zwagg)
    Free School Music Library Band and orchestra arrangements.
    Free Church Music Library with hymns.
    Free links to listen to music on youtube
    free links for printed information and program notes about music
    Ability to save your favorite music to a free online account for quick reference.

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