Best Sitar VST Plugins – Free & Paid 2024

I’ve recently been writing about fascinating virtual instruments and I have to say, the sitar ranks right up there with some of my favorites. Sitar VSTS are great as the instruments are quite rare to find and finding someone who can play one well is even more difficult.

Quick Look At My Top Picks

  • Best Playable Sitar By Far
  • Gigantic Library
  • Beautiful Sounds
  • Over 150 Loops
  • Works Great For Backing Tracks

My advice to you for music production is to make sure you explore as many different plugins and sample packs as you possibly can. I think sitar VSTS fit in perfectly for a lot of different styles of music as well.

Finding a sitar VST or loop pack is not an easy task as there really aren’t a ton of options out yet. With that being said, I’ve compiled together a few paid and free sitar VSTS you will enjoy.

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Best Sitar VSTS

Below are our current favorite sitar VSTs. There are currently two paid options that we provide links to as well as one free option.

Bizzare Sitar (Paid)

Bizzare Sitar is brought to you by the fabulous company, Soundiron. The first thing to mention with this VST is that it runs through Kontakt. You will need the full version of Kontakt and version 5.5 or newer. The free version of Kontakt player will not work with this as it’s not compatible.

Bizzare Sitar comes with over 603 high-quality samples and endless effects that you can dive into. The library comes with an LFO system that allows you to select the LFO shapes and modulation target parameters.

The sounds with Bizzare Sitar are the main reason why I think this is such a great plugin. I wouldn’t put it passed modern producers to throw this instrument in their pop hits.


Bizzare Sitar is currently the best sitar VST available. Be sure to check it out on Youtube before you purchase!

Sitar Loops (Free)

Here are some sitar loops from a great website, looperman. If you’re into trap music production, you will find some loops that you will be able to use. These are all free and they actually sound really good.

There are a bunch of different loops available, so make sure you play through the options before downloading them all.


These are just loops, so you’re not going to be able to play them like a virtual sitar. I included these as they’re free and they allow you to get some good some sounding sitars in your music.

Classical Indian Sitar (Paid)

This is a beautiful sample pack that includes an abundance of sitar loops and melodic lines. If you’re looking for something that you can grab quickly and throw into your productions, this is a great choice.

All of these are recorded clean, so you will be able to really jump in and mess them up how you choose. I would recommend throwing them into Soundtoys and getting crazy with it. There are so many wonderful options available in that plugin.


This plugin is for producers who are looking for loops and samples. This isn’t a playable sitar as it’s only loops. With that being said, it sounds incredibly realistic and I think you will really enjoy it.

Why Use Sitar Plugins?

There are so many different types of music available in the world today and I am a firm believer in using as many different instruments as possible. The more instruments you’re using in your production, the more diverse and unique you can be.

As some of these options are loops, you can find a wide variety of use for them. Try throwing them in your trap productions as a way to mix it up.

You will notice that you can bend and change the tempos of a lot of samples, this is a way to really spice up the original loop. Sometimes when you speed up or slow down your loops, you will stumble upon gold.

Can You Use Sitars In Pop Productions?

Yes. It wasn’t until recently that I found out that the instrument used in the opening of “Paint It Black,” by the Rolling Stones, was a sitar. The lick played is genius and the sound is so unique. Trap music is also starting to use this instrument to get some pretty unique beats laid down. I personally think it’s a very nice flavor.


I hope this article presented you with some great sitar VSTs to add to your productions. As mentioned above, there aren’t a ton of great options, but there definitely are some.

Do you have any sitar plugins that I haven’t mentioned? Let me know below.

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