Best Flute VST Plugins For Producers 2024

Woodwind VST'S

Flute VSTs are by no means the most popular types of virtual synths, however, they definitely have their place. If you are a producer who writes film-scores, then these types of VST’s are perfect.

In this article, we are going to break down the best flute VST plugins currently available, both paid and free.

Quick Glance At The Best Flute VSTs

Editor’s Pick East-West Orchestral Woodwinds
  • Overall Best Quality
  • Great Interface
  • Massive Library
Alternative Pick Little Wooden Flutes
  • Dynamic/Incredibly Unique Sound
  • 1,921 Samples
  • Inexpensive
Budget Pick Film Score Companion
  • State Of The Art Samples
  • Incredibly Large Library
  • Inexpensive

It is my opinion that the best flute VSTs actually sound incredibly realistic and dynamic. You can definitely find some plug-ins that just simply sound bad, however, don’t let that discourage you.

Note: I’ve personally tried all of these samples and VST’s below and picked out a few of my favorites that I feel are the highest quality.

I recently just wrote about some of my favorite trumpet VSTs in this post here.

Best Flute VSTs

I hope you enjoy these selections of flute plugins that I’ve made. These are all throughly tested and I believe these are the best options.

East-West Orchestral Woodwinds

East West Orchestral Woodwinds

The sounds on the East-West woodwinds are incredible. In particular, I love the flute sounds. The sound engineering was done by Shawn Murphy, who is an extremely accomplished sound engineer.

What I really like about this plug-in is the sound and effects. It’s extremely easy to use once installed and it high-quality.

I would recommend this to music producers who are working on film scoring as these sounds were developed specifically for films.

The Sounds

Some of my favorite flute sounds that you can find from VST’s today. I really like how much I can get in and tweak each sound as well. On the bottom left of the plug-in, you will notice that there’s an attack, sustain, hold, decay, and release button.

You can use these to instantly tweak what you’re working with in the sound department.


This is a CPU intensive program, so be sure that you have a fast computer or MAC to run it on. With this being said, I think this is a great VST that you will get a ton of use out of.

This is currently one of the best flute VSTs that you can purchase on the market.

Ventus Ethnic Winds Impact SoundWorks

Soundworks Ventus Flute VST

Impact SoundWorks is no stranger to making great products. With this you are getting a ton of different woodwind sounds that all sound realistic.

The dynamics are key with the Ventus Ethnic Winds sample pack. This is available through Kontakt, just like a bunch of other sampled instruments. You can program different attacks for each note that you play and I think this is awesome.

The interface has a lot of different controls and they are intuitively laid out for ease of use.


My favorite part of this VST is that you can program the vibrato to aftertouch. This means that if your keyboard has aftertouch, you can play a melody and use vibrato by holding notes down. This leads to some incredibly realistic-sounding instruments.


This is a rather expensive woodwind sample pack, however, if you can swing it, it’s great. Impact SoundWorks is truly doing a great job with their VST’s and samples.

Note: Ventus Ethnic Winds works great for keyboard players who are going to be playing the melodies and using samples.

Orange Tree Samples Passion Flute

Passion Flute Plugin

Passion Flute is an amazing sample pack from Orange Tree Samples that is great for many different styles of music. If you are a fan of the Impact SoundWorks samples, you will love these as well.

The main thing that Passion Flute accomplishes outside of its realistic sounds is the playability on the keyboard. This is probably the best playing sample pack that I have played. The dynamics are unreal when you play the parts in from your keyboard.

I always say that playing keyboards helps with producing music, and this sample pack is a testament to that statement.

With this sample pack, you are getting 1.15 GB of flute sounds. This is an huge amount of sounds, but this is also CPU intensive seeing how it’s so large.


I personally love the overall sounds of these samples. The dynamics really set it apart from other samples. It has different effects and phrases with growls, screams, and flutter-tonguing that sound great.

Modeled vibrato is a feature that I really like here. It is modeled after real-sounding flutes to give it a nice and crisp finish.

Overblown notes is something that’s a little bit different and it’s really cool. It does exactly what it sounds like by creating playable harmonics.


One of my favorite flute VST’s to date. I think Passion Flute has a lot to offer all music producers.

What To Look For?

The Sound: Ultimately, the sound is going to be the most important. Sometimes you will find certain VST’s that just sound really good, even if they’re free. If you’re getting a great sound in the end, that’s what you want.

How Many Instruments Come With The VST? Certain VST’s or libraries will come with a bunch of different instruments that you can experiment with. Since we’re looking at flutes, maybe look to see if these VST’s also include other wind instruments. Often times they will and you will be able to find sounds that you can use for your production.

Dynamics: Included with the sound will be the dynamics of each sound. Does it capture the realism that a real flute would? I am surprised without organic a lot of wind VST’s are sounding. Companies are spending some quality time capturing some amazing samples and it really shows in their products.

My Experience With Flute VSTS

I have been using different VSTs for about 6 years now creating and producing music. I’ve found that modern production is basically becoming a game of who can be the most creative with their sounds.

You probably wouldn’t expect to hear many flutes in pop music 10 years ago, now it’s something that really wouldn’t shock me one bit, especially with all of the effects you can add.

I highly recommend diving deep into some different tpes of VSTs before heading out. Here are a couple of my favorites below.


The world of music production is ever-changing, so be sure to stay up to date by checking out new sounds as much as you can.

Do you have any experience producing or using flute VSTS? Let me know in the comments below on which you like and which you don’t really like.

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