Amazon Prime Day 2024 Digital Pianos/Keyboard Deals

Amazon Prime day 2024 is upon us. If you’re looking for deals, you’ve come to the right place for every deal for digital pianos for this year’s Prime event.

I will be updating this article as more deals roll in. If you’re in a hurry, you can view all musical instrument deals on Amazon here on Amazons digital piano deal discount page.

There’s good and bad news for this year prime day day deals. Most of the good deals are targeted towards beginners to intermediate players. The biggest deals at this time are from Donner, which make a solid beginner keyboard.

The best deals currently for Amazon Prime Day are:

  • Roland RD-88 – Currently marked down 15% and our Keyboardkraze pick of the week for prime day.
  • Yamaha P-515 – Marked down 8% – this is a fantastic digital piano for intermediate to advanced players.
  • Donner DEP 20 – Our favorite choice for kids/beginners as it is marked down 20% for Prime Day
  • Yamaha P-71 – Currently $100 off and great for kids

The first deal for beginners is the Donner digital piano. It is marked down 45% and it is a solid option for beginners.

Amazon Prime Day 2024 is finally here! The 48-hour event will start on July11 and end on July 13. This year’s Prime day is going to feature countless digital piano deals that you will not want to miss out on.

If you’re someone who loves deals, I urge you to check out the best black Friday and cyber Monday keyboard deals here.

My favorite retailer, Sweetwater is also running primetime deals until the end of July. There are some amazing deals with up to 48 month financing. Check these deals below.

Here are the following deals so far!

What is Prime Day?

Similar in nature to Black Friday, Prime Day is Amazon’s membership-only deal event that happens once a year. Amazon Prime Members receive significant discounts on a big range of items from Amazon devices, musical instruments, speakers, headphones, and much more.

Prime day is running from today through the 11th of October.

The Best Amazon Prime Deals For Keyboardists And Producers

As Amazon starts to list “early deals” I will be updating this article so that it includes every great prime deal for keyboards.

I highly suggest that you compare the Prime day keyboard deals to the prices from one of my favorite retailers, Sweetwater. While some of these prices for Prime Day will be absolute steals, some of them may not be as big of price drops as you would expect.

If you want to compare, you can do so by checking out Sweetwater here.

As deals come in, I will list next to the deal, just how could of a deal I think it is. I hope this will help you pick the right digital piano from Amazon!

Which Types Of Keyboards Are Typically Featured On Amazon Prime Day?

Digital pianos in that intermediate-range to beginner range are typically what we have seen with Amazon Prime Day. I would expect certain keyboards such as the Roland FP-30 to be present in the deals list.

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