Digital Piano Sustain Pedal


All Metal Build To Last You

After playing over 500 shows around the country over the last eight years, I decided to partner with the best to bring to you our sustain pedal. This pedal is made for touring and enduring the rigorous stomping it will take.

The build quality of a digital piano sustain pedal is critical to ensure that it provides a consistent and reliable sustain effect. Therefore, you should prioritize pedals that have a sturdy and durable construction, with non-slip rubber grips at the bottom. This will ensure that the pedal lasts for a long time and doesn’t wear out quickly due to regular use.




-Color: black
-Material: alloy
-Size: About 22.30X7.00X5.50cm/8.76X2.75X2.16inch
– Classic-style ,sustain pedal is suitable for any electronic keyboard.
– The metal pedal is highly tough, rust-proof and anti-corrosion.
– The non-slip pad on the base is designed for the better acoustic sustaining performance.
– Made of material,durable and safe for a long time use.
– Suitable for all kinds of electrical instruments with keyboards.

Stays Put While Playing, Even On Slippery Stages/Flooring

The KeyboardKraze sustain pedal is designed with a non-slip rubber grip at the bottom that ensures it stays firmly planted on the floor while you play. This feature is crucial because it prevents the pedal from sliding around, which can be distracting and affect your playing. The non-slip grip also provides stability and support, making it easier to maintain your playing position and control the sustain effect. With the KeyboardKraze sustain pedal, you can focus on playing your music without worrying about your pedal moving or slipping, allowing you to produce the rich and sustaining sounds you desire.

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