Mini Mechanical Piano Metronome


High Quality Mini Metronomes

Our metronomes are built to last and have a vintage feel to them, making them perfect decor as well for your home. These are built with pianos in mind and look great atop your piano.





Introducing the Universal Mechanical Metronome – your portable rhythm companion for piano, guitar, violin, ukulele, and more.


  • Crafted with precision, this metronome is brand new and of the highest quality.
  • Its unique mini design stands at a mere 11cm tall, making it pocket-sized and incredibly portable.
  • The metronome boasts a durable Metal movement, ensuring stable performance even after accidental drops.
  • Experience a soft, gentle sound that won’t overwhelm your practice sessions.
  • Encased in high-impact plastic, it features a wind-up mechanism and a swinging pendulum for traditional timing.
  • Perfect for refining your sense of rhythm and improving instrumental performances.
  • High quality piano metronomes
  • Available in classic colors: Black, Blue, Pink, and Red.
  • Dimensions: 110×50.8×30.1mm.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Mechanical Metronome.


  • Please allow for minor measurement discrepancies.
  • Colors may vary slightly due to lighting and screen settings.


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