Keytar Case – Best Ways To Protect Your Instrument In 2024

Keytars don’t typically come with cases when you first purchase them. This leads a lot of musicians to wondering what the best option would be for their instrument. Having owned a keytar for years I had to figure out the best solution since there aren’t many keytar cases on the market.

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My current favorite pick is the Gator 49.

Tips To Protecting Your Keytar

We are going to go over a few different options for keytar cases, however, we want to highlight a couple quick tips that will help keep your instrument safe.

Using foam to put around your instrument is very wise because it will fill in any space that your instrument doesn’t cover. Make sure that nothing inside your case isn’t smashing into your keys or knobs of your instrument.

Keytars aren’t going to typically fit perfectly inside a hard case. You will most likely need to use some foam to make it fit better.

Using compressed air on the faders and keys is always smart to do with your instrument. Keep your instrument clean in general is always smart. Dust can be harmful in the long run to your instrument and it is important that you keep it clean.

Sweat is another element that can damage your instrument. If you don’t clean the sweat off your instrument frequently it can begin to stain your keys yellow. This just doesn’t look good and it’s also not good for the internals of an instrument. Using a towel and isopropyl alcohol on your keys will clean your keys. You don’t need to use a lot of this while cleaning your instrument, so be careful.

Hard Keytar Case

Keytar Case

There are a couple of different options for your instrument that we will highlight. If you are looking to tour with your keytar, I recommend a hard case. Even cheap hard cases will protect your instrument and do what you need them to do. Your instrument might not fit perfectly with a hard case because a lot of cases are meant for guitars. All you have to do is lay something soft and flat underneath the instrument where the guitar mold would be.

For a hard case, I would recommend the Gearlux because it’s cheap and will get the job done. Be sure to use some foam to protect it while it is inside of the case.

Below is a video of a DIY keyboard case.

Soft Keytar Case

A soft case is going to just be a standard 49 key keyboard case. The good thing about these is they typically come with compartments to hold instrument cables and other things you may need for shows. If you aren’t comfortable putting your instrument in a guitar case, then this would be the best route to go.

Soft keyboard cases can come with wheels and they can also come with handles.

For a soft case, I would recommend the Gator 49. It’s cheap, yet still quality and comes with some extra features for anything you might need to bring with you. Remember, you can still use the foam trick with a soft keytar case.


We hope this helped you find a product of your liking. Having a case for your instrument is important since you don’t want to risk breaking it. Spending money to protect your investment is always wise seeing how it will save you money in the long run.

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