The Best Melodicas For All Musicians In 2024

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The Melodica is an interesting and fun instrument that is unique. This is an instrument that looks like a toy; only it can be much more than that if you learn to play it.

It is my opinion that the melodica is a great instrument for both kids and adults who have piano experience. While this is technically a free-reed instrument, it still resembles and is played like a piano. I think this instrument should be used more often in music.

In this article, we are going to be highlighting the best melodicas from all price-points.

Best Melodicas

Below are my favorite picks with the editor’s choice being the first one. I came to this conclusion by taking into consideration quality & price.

SUZUKI M-37C – Best Melodica For The Price

Suzuki M37-C

The Suzuki M-37C is one of the best melodicas on the market. This thing sounds in my opinion, much better than the Hohner 32B. I’ve noticed that a lot of people refer to this as the “grand piano of melodicas.”

This is about 3.5 pounds and it works great for an instrument you can carry around and practice with.

Overall Thoughts

For price and portability, I believe this is the current best pick. You get everything you need from a melodica and you get a really nice sound. If you watch a video on Youtube of this, you will be impressed with the sound.

Hohner 32B

Hohner 32B

Hohner is the company that first made the melodica and I believe this is a great product. You can use this as a beginner and even use it as professional as well. I like the aesthetic of this one because it resembles a piano. This looks like a serious instrument and it also comes with a nice carrying case.

You can play big chords on this quite easily with it still sounding nice. I have noticed that some people do not like the sound of this. I actually don’t hate the sound on the Hohner 32B though. If your melodica isn’t properly tuned, send it back to Hohner and they will give you a new one. It is a pain to try and tune these instruments on your own.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I believe this is a good product. The sound is questionable, but personally, I like it. One thing that I also like is that it comes with 32 keys.

Schoenhut Puff N Play 25

Puff N Play 25 Melodica

I actually own this melodica, even though it is advertised more so for kids. If you’re looking for something that’s cheap, I would say this is the best melodica for kids.

I have used this melodica in some Youtube videos and I have also seen great players use this. This instrument is a bit heavier than some of the other melodicas, weighing 3 pounds.

On the sound end, it is pretty good, but not the greatest. The quality feels a little cheap, but that happens with melodicas. This is one of the cheaper options mentioned, but I think you will be pleased with the sound for the price you pay.

Overall Thoughts

I used this in a few different videos on Youtube and I think it’s a quality instrument. It’s cheap, but depending on what you’re using for, it gets the job done.

Yamaha P37 Pianica

Yamaha P37 Pianica

While this is called a Pianica, it is the same thing. This version comes with 37 keys, so it’s on the bigger end for melodicas. I have noticed that a lot of people who play on the Hohner melodicas tend to prefer them over this Pianica.

For the sound, it is actually pretty good unless you’re playing chords. I have noticed that many people have complained that chords don’t sound very good on the P37.

Overall Thoughts

The P37 has gotten some poor reviews in quality. I’ve seen that it gets ruined quite easily if you’re not careful with it.

Hammond 44 Acoustic-Electric Melodion – Overall Best Melodica

Hammond 44

The Hammond 44 is very nice, however, it is also extremely expensive. I personally prefer the Suzuki because it sounds great and it’s nowhere near the price as this. With this being said; if you’re serious about the melodica and you have the extra money, this is pretty revered in the melodica community.

The keyboard feels a lot different on this instrument as it feels a little more shallow. It has 44 keys, so it is on the larger side for melodicas and it is also acoustic and electric.

Overall Thoughts

Personally, I think this is extremely expensive for a melodica. I would much rather get a digital piano as I am a pianist. The sound is great and the keys are also on the higher end for quality. Something nice with this is the padded case.

History Of The Melodica

The modern form of this instrument was invented by the company Hohner in the 1950s. Similar instruments to this have been played in Italy since the 19th century.

The melodica is also referred to as the “pianica.” Although a majority of the melodicas you will see are made out of plastic, some are constructed with wood. These are referred to as, “wooden melodicas.”

A fun fact about the melodica is that it is the instrument used in the Gorillaz hit song, “Clint Eastwood.”

How It Works

It is similar to the pump organ or the harmonica. It has a musical keyboard that you play the notes on like a piano and a reed that you blow into. It is a rather easy instrument to play if you any experience playing the piano. You typically hold this in the air and blow into the reed while your other hand plays.

Note: If you are into these types of instruments, have a look at our guide to the best accordion VSTs available.

Some people who aren’t familiar with this instrument may refer to this as, “the keyboard you blow into.”

You can use both hands to play this if you get a foot pump for it. This can be a foot alternative to playing it. These are extremely light and portable instruments that can be used by a variety of musicians.

If you are a parent looking for an instrument for your kids, I would recommend checking out my guide to kids pianos. I broke down my favorites and present some good options for the money.

Types Of Melodicas

Soprano & Alto Melodicas: Soprano and Alto are higher pitched than tenors and they sound thinner. These are the most popular types of melodicas today. These are typically played with two hands with the left hand playing the black notes and the right hand playing the white notes.

Tenor Melodicas: These are lower-pitched melodicas. The left hand will hold it on the bottom while the right-hand plays it like a keyboard.

Bass Melodicas: These are the least popular type of melodica.

What To Look For In A Melodica

Price: You want to gauge how serious you are about playing the instrument and figure out who is playing it. If it’s just for a kid, I would recommend getting a cheaper one.

Key-Action: The action isn’t going to vary much between melodicas, to be honest. Some of the key-beds will be worse than others though.

Look: The look varies with the color on these instruments. I personally am a fan of the blue melodicas. You will want to get a case, but most of them come with cases. If it doesn’t come with one, make sure to get one as they can get ruined fairly easily.

Chords: I’ve noticed that some melodicas don’t play chords as well as others do. Look for something that allows you to play chords without breaking up in sound.

Are Melodicas Good Instruments For Kids?

Yes. Melodicas are great for kids as they are kind of neat instrument to play. You’re also teaching kids to learn elements of the piano while learning how to control their breathing as well.

They actually make quite a few melodicas for kids because they work so well for younger ages. Younger kids will most likely run out of breath easily while playing. This is normal and it will get better in time.

The Build

Most melodicas are going to be built mostly of plastic. You will find that as you go up in price, you will start to find better materials such as wooden melodicas.

The wooden melodicas do feel better, however, that doesn’t mean that you will like the tone more as well.

Ever wonder if the piano or guitar is easier for beginners? Check this article out here.

I would say that most melodicas that I have played on have been plastic and they tend to feel pretty cheap. With this being said, they still tend to last a pretty long time. The durability is actually decent across the board, as long as you don’t drop it or crush it in some way.

As far as breaking the keys from playing them, I haven’t had that problem at all.


All melodicas come with a rather a small octave range that’s anywhere between 2 and 3 octaves. I prefer the larger ones as I try and take advantage of different ranges. However, you don’t need to go with a larger one if you’re new to the instrument.

Is A Melodica Hard To Play?

This question completely depends on your experience. If you come from playing reed instruments or you have some piano knowledge, you should be able to get hang pretty quickly.

Since my background is playing the piano, I’ve found it rather easy to play the melodica. There’s also something that I really enjoy about them. They can work as another way to spark some creativity for songwriting.

If you’re someone who is wanting to learn to play them, I recommend jumping in and getting a grasp of the piano. The notes are the same with the only difference being the size and the fact that you also use your mouth in order to create noise.

My personal belief is that melodicas are rather simple to play, especially if you have other musical instrument knowledge. With them being so small and following a similar layout to a keyboard, they should instantly feel familiar.

How Much Does A Melodica Cost?

This is a commonly asked question. Most Melodicas range between $40 and $120. You can find cheaper ones and more expensive, but on average you can expect to spend between $40 and $120.

If you’re not someone who is serious about playing, I would recommend just getting a cheaper one in all honesty.

What Is The Button On The Back Of A Melodica For?

It is the spit valve. You will want to open the vent periodically to let it air out. When you do this, you will want to shake your melodica as well.

My Experience Playing The Melodica

I started playing the melodica about 8 years ago. With this being said, I don’t play every single day. I like to switch it up and play when I’m looking for some more creativity.

Personally, I think this is a super fun little instrument to try out. I always found it cool when musicians would get super good at unorthodox instruments.

The best part of learning the melodica is that there are a ton of great resources that you can find on the internet. Youtube is probably the best place for this.


There are many different things to look at when purchasing a melodica. I hope this guide broke everything down for you in an easy way.

If you’re curious about digital pianos, but you’re not looking to spend a fortune, check out the best digital pianos for under $300.

I personally believe that the Suzuki M-37C is the best option for most musicians. It’s not overly expensive and it also sounds crazy good.

Do you own a melodica? Which is your favorite and why? Let me know in the comment section below!

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