Flowkey Review – How Good Is It?

Flowkey Lessons

Flowkey is currently one of the most popular online piano lessons courses available.

What’s awesome about Flowkey is that there are a bunch of different courses that you can take, as well as plenty of songs that you can learn at your own luxury.

Note: Flowkey has an interesting approach to music lessons as you follow along with videos. You use your microphone on your computer or laptop to allow Flowkey to hear what you’re playing and to grade you.

My opinion, in short, is that Flowkey can work well with those who follow the curriculum and also seek additional lessons from an instructor at their leisure.

You can view Flowkey on their website for more information here:


  • The app is very easy to use & install
  • You can try it free before you pay for a subscription
  • Fun & different way to learn the play the piano
  • Access to a lot of songs & lessons
  • Teaches music theory
  • Cheaper than a piano instructor
  • You can learn songs at your own pace (fast or slow)
  • User-friendly
  • Split hands and learn with one hand at a time
  • Loop certain parts of a lesson
  • Allows you to watch others playing the same songs as you while you learn
  • Convenient (learn at your own pace)


  • Lacks a metronome (timing can get a little weird at times)
  • Not one on one piano lessons

I recently reviewed another online piano lessons service called Pianote. You can view our review of Pianote here, and check it out on their website below!

Flowkey Review

Flowkey homepage
Loading screen when you click on a new course at Flowkey

Off the bat, Flowkey is generally really fast when it comes to loading time. I appreciate this probably as much as everyone else will.

When you click on a course, you will only have to wait a couple of seconds before the course loads.

For some quick general information, Flowkey has a free option as well as paid options.

Free VS Paid Subscription

Here’s a great look at the options for Flowkey:

Flowkey Pricing Chart

I think trying out Flowkey for free before purchasing is definitely worth doing. It takes little to no time to sign up and you can basically immediately start trying it out.

If you’re someone who already takes lessons and you’re just looking for additional help with learning songs, Flowkey would be a great thing to add.

With the free version, you aren’t given as many songs to view and you also can’t learn the full songs. With the paid, you have access to their full catalog.

The free membership gives you the following:

  • Access to a few different complete courses including “Intro To The Piano,” as well as incomplete versions of other courses
  • You can learn 8 different songs including Fur Elise, Clare Delune, & “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran (these are not full songs, just parts)

If you’re looking to go the paid route, you are given a lot more options including:

  • Access to over 1,500 songs in any kind of musical category, access to all of Flowkey’s courses and lessons, as well as some additional bonus courses

Flowkey Curriculum

Flowkey Skill level
When you pick a song you are prompted with this

You will be asked a few questions when you sign up and you will also choose a skill level.

You can choose different skill levels easily if you find yourself progressing or if you find a skill level to be too easy.

One of the more important questions is, “do you have any music theory experience?” Most beginners will not, but those who have had some experience with lessons might.

I highly recommend taking advantage of their music theory lessons as you can only become a better pianist with music theory lessons.

Do the lessons replace music theory courses in general? No, they do not. They offer mainly the basics, but that’s exactly where you need to start as a beginner.

There are a total of 8 types of courses that all have a different number of lessons that you can take at your own leisure.

Below is a chart that shows the different courses offered with Flowkey:

  • Introduction To The Piano – 8 Lessons
  • Playing With Both Hands – 7 Lessons
  • Intermediate Piano Playing – 7 Lessons
  • Improvising With Chords – 5 Lessons
  • Music Reading Training – 8 Courses
  • Playing Scales – 10 Courses
  • Playing Scales II – 12 Courses

Is Flowkey Worth It?

I feel like the main reason why some of you are reading this article is for this answer. I believe that, yes, Flowkey is worth it for most people.

My opinion on online courses has always been simple: if you don’t have the work ethic and the drive to learn, you won’t. This goes for even lessons from an instructor.

If you use Flowkey correctly and complete their lessons, you will definitely see some improvement. I also view it as a rather inexpensive option as lessons with an instructor range from $20 a half an hour to $50.

Picking A Song To Learn

Song Selection
Your layout when you click the songs tab. It is extremely easy to navigate.

To do this, you simply will navigate the left sidebar to, “songs.”

Once you do this, you will then see a bunch of different songs that you can browse through.

You will notice that they will continually add new songs that you can view and learn as well.

If you find that a song that you clicked on is too difficult or too easy, you can change the difficulty and then reload the song back up. I recommend doing this as it will make it much easier to learn.

The Following are the categories that you can pick from:

  • Pop Hits
  • Game Music
  • Happy
  • Kids
  • Mellow
  • Classical Music
  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Traditional
  • Christmas
  • Film & TV
  • Melancholy
  • Partner
  • R&B
  • Asian Pop
  • Romantic
  • Evergreen
  • Groovy
  • Energetic
  • Smooth

The 1,500 songs to choose from is why I think Flowkey is a great resource. You would be spending a lot of money if you were purchasing all of the sheet music independently.

With this being said, while you can learn a bunch of different songs, that doesn’t mean you’re playing them with the right technique and dynamics

The reason why online lessons sometimes get a bad reputation is that people don’t take the time to hone in on their dynamics as well. Because you don’t have an instructor, you will want to make sure you are taking the right steps dynamically as well.

How To Learn A Song Once You Choose It?

This is probably the best part of Flowkey, in my opinion. I like that you can:

  • Learn only left hand
  • Learn only right hand
  • Learn a song at 50 percent
  • Learn a song at 75 percent

These options are great and they are super easy to follow.

I suggest learning songs by doing the following in order top to bottom:

  • Slow it down to 50 percent
  • Use only your right hand
  • Use only your left hand
  • Combine both hands at 50 percent
  • Go to 75 percent speed one hand at a time
  • Combine both hands at 75 percent
  • Same process for 100 percent

I like to do this with difficult pieces as it allows you to practice proper dynamics with each song.

Having an understanding of the treble clef and bass clef will also come in handy. You can read more about the treble clef in this in-depth post here.

Best Course To Start With On Flowkey?

The first thing you should do if you sign up for Flowkey is to start the course, “Introduction To The Piano.” This will help give you a basic understanding of some music theory.

You can then start to choose easy songs and start by learning with one hand at a time.


I hope you reviewed this review of Flowkey. I believe that Flowkey is a great online resource that you is worth checking out, even if it’s for a month.

While using Flowkey lessons, I would also recommend checking out Youtube as well as looking at getting a few lessons in with an instructor. They will help you hone in on the basics.

Flowkey helps beginners learn how to read music and how to play notes in a fun and unique way. With this being said, I do believe that you can teach yourself to watch videos and learn songs on your own.

Every single person who learns the piano is going to learn information and process it differently.

I would recommend trying a couple of different ways, but really sticking to them. Don’t bounce around or trying something like Flowkey for a day and give up, because that’s not the method of learning failing, it’s you simply giving up.





Song Choices


Music Theory




Ease Of Use

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  1. Thank you for your helpful advice about apps for songwriting. Also for your review of Flowkey.
    As a 69 year old who’s trying to improve my piano playing so I can perform in public and a beginning composer your advice is very helpful.

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