Best Wah Wah Filter VST Plugins In 2024

Wah wah vsts

The Wah Wah VST plugin is one of those that most producers probably aren’t going to think of. With this being said, when used correctly, it can easily replace an actual pedal and be perfect for studio use.

You can use this on real guitars or even get experimental and use it on different electric guitar plugins to really make it seem convincing.

I am a huge fan of wah wah plugins because you can instantly throw it on a pre-recorded part and begin tweaking things to see if that’s what you’re looking for.

So much stuff nowadays is done right at the computer, so this is a big reason why I like to have the ability to use certain types of FX I wouldn’t have imagined using years ago with a plugin.

Let’s take a look at the best Wah Wah Plugins available for producers.

Our Top Wah Wah Plugin Picks

1) Efektor WF3607 ( Mac & PC) 32/64 Bit

The Efektor WF3607 is a very simple wah wah plugin that works exceptionally well. You can use this with all major DAWs and it is also a very light download.

It comes with 3 types of envelopes and wahs and also includes a lot more parameters in which you can tweak. Most wah wah pedals aren’t going to have all of these extra parameters.

This plugin features 6 types of filter modes including the following:

  • Crybaby
  • Grey Wah
  • Axis Wah
  • Low Pass
  • High Pass
  • Band Pass

All of these can be used with any patches or guitars to tweak things to your liking. My personal favorite is the Crybaby just because it’s the classic sound that I am used to hearing.

You will want a decent setup for running any types of VSTs in all honesty. This plugin doesn’t require an amazing PC, but you will definitely want to have something that’s relatively new.

2) Steinberg Vintage Stomp Box

The Steinberg Vintage Stomp Box includes a vintage wag plugin that I’ve been able to try out. It sounds really believable and you are also getting 4 other FX pedals with it.

If you are a guitarist who doesn’t have a ton of pedals or you just want to experiment, this bundle is nice because it allows you to test the waters with a total of 5 different fx.

The Vintage Wah offers 4 different wahs along with overdrive and other controls. This is definitely a fun plugin to try out and it is very versatile for studio producers.

3) Wahman Wah Stomp – Free Wah Plugin (Windows)

The wahman is a stomp emulation plugin that is 100% free. It works with most major DAWs and it is a simple download.

If you’re someone who is on a strict budget, this is a great option as you won’t be spending any money. With this being said, you get your basics here and you will get to hear if the wah effect is what you need.

The only downside with this plugin is that it only works with Windows.

What To Look For

The most important thing to figure out with your wah wah VSTs is that it is compatible with your setup. When you go to download it, make sure that you have all of the right requirements.

If you don’t have the proper equipment, it won’t be a very fun time at all as it will lead to headaches and hours lost trying to install and get them to work.

Some of these plugins are only compatible with Windows or only with Mac. Be sure that you have the proper setup.

I also recommend trying out the free versions before if you can. If not, make sure to watch some videos on Youtube before making your final decision so you can really hear them in action.

All of these plugins are solid options and should be easy for you to download as long as you have all of the proper requirements needed.


These are 3 the wah wah plugins that I would recommend out of the gates. There aren’t a ton of different options yet, but these should be able to be added to your arsenal.

What are you using to get these fx? Let me know below!

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