The Best 37 Key MIDI Keyboard Controller In 2024

37 Key MIDI Keyboard Player

Today we are going to be looking at the best 37 key MIDI controllers currently available. I wanted to write this article as I feel like 37 key options are becoming more popular.

I discovered the 37 key MIDI keyboard and I actually really like it because it’s big enough to play, yet it doesn’t get in the way as much as a 49 key or 61 key keyboard does. Portability is very important when looking at keyboards and you’re going to want something light if you’re touring.

When you are looking at keyboards you will want to decide on exactly what kind of features you’re looking for in your instrument.

Top 37 Key MIDI Keyboards – A Quick Glance

Editors Choice Arturia Keystep Pro
  • 4 Polyphonic Sequencer Tracks
  • 16 Part Drum Sequencer
  • Can Control Hardware Synths
  • Most Advanced MIDI Controller Available
Runner Up Alesis Vortex 2
  • 8 Pads
  • Can Be Worn As A Keytar
  • Great MIDI Functionality
  • Bluetooth Wireless
Budget Irig 37
  • Works IOS & Androids
  • Portable
  • Works With All Major DAWs
  • Inexpensive

Things To Look For In A 37 Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

What Are You Using It For?

If you are using your device to tour with and launch different clips and tracks, you will want a one with pads on it. I like to play on keyboards that have more pads for this purpose. It is much easier to launch clips when performing live when you have pads.

Is Software Included With Your Keyboard?

Most of the name brand controllers will come with software packages for your DAW. The more software included, the better. This basically means that you will be able to immediately plug it into your laptop or PC and access sounds. MIDI controllers are all about accessing as many sounds as they can, so the more software you can get, the better.


Of course, weight is important if you’re a touring musician. The good thing is that all of the options we’re looking at are going to be super lightweight. These keyboards, in general, are lightweight so it shouldn’t be a problem finding one that is your preference.


Most of the keys on MIDI keyboards are going to be synth-action keys. If you’re a pianist then it might be a little weird at first since the keys aren’t weighted, however, it is easy to adapt to.

Sustain Pedal Input:

Be sure to check if your product has a sustain input if you are going to want to sustain notes. Most modern controllers nowadays come with this so it’s not going to be a huge problem unless you buy an old controller.

Powering Keyboard:

Most devices we are going to look at today are going to be USB powered and will typically come with a USB cable. With recent advancements in technology, there are Bluetooth controllers that are battery-powered. In that case, we will specify that.

37 Key MIDI Controllers

1) Arturia Keystep Pro

Best Overall
Arturia KeyStep Pro 37

This 37 key MIDI keyboard is extremely powerful. The Keystep Pro is a producers dream as it offers performance capabilities that many oher MIDI keyboards currently don't.

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The Arturia Keystep Pro has been anticipated since the Keystep came out a couple of years ago. This is an incredible keyboard that is built the highest level of music producers.

You have a built-in sequencer, arpeggiator, and the ability to control hardware synthesizers. This is an absolutely beautiful creation that is going to grow in popularity the longer it’s out.

There’s more of a learning curve with the Keystep Pro, however, this is my go-to option since the day I purchased it.

View full review of the Keystep Pro here.

2) Novation Launchkey 37

Incredible 37 Key Controller
Novation Launchkey MK 37

The Launchkey 37 MK3 is one of my favorite MIDI keyboards that I own. I use this daily and it's not only reliable with all major DAWs, it's also intuitive,

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Novation recently released the Launchkey 37 and I was able to get my hands on it. This controller is everything you need and it is easily one of the best 37 key options.

Coming with 16 color-coded pads, the Laucnkey 37 is ready for some serious sampling and beat-making.

For those of you who use Ableton Live, this is definitely for you.

3) IK Multimedia iRig Keys Pro full-sized 37-key MIDI controller

Ik MUltimedia I Rig Pro

The IK I Rig is a solid look at a Bluetooth MIDI controller. This model has far better compatibility with DAWs and is a great alternative to your heavy hitters such as Akai and Novation.

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The iRig 37 key is a solid look at a 37 key MIDI controller. This works well with most DAW’s and it won’t give you any major sync or latency problems when you’re using it.

There aren’t a ton of options when it comes to these, so it is important to stick to popular name brand options or you will run into some latency and sync problems when you hook up to your PC or laptop.

This doesn’t come with a ton of bells and whistles, but it will be hard to find a MIDI keyboard with 37 keys that has drum pads. The keys on this are full-size which is really nice when looking at MIDI keyboards.

4) Korg microKEY air 37 – Key Bluetooth and USB MIDI Controller

Korg microKEY Air-37

The Korg Microkey 37 is a great option that has Bluetooth capabilities. It can last for up to 1 month without being recharged, which is pretty substantial.

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The Korg microKEY air 37 is a Bluetooth MIDI keyboard. These are becoming more and more popular because they are wireless. This is one of the first wireless keyboards on the market. In the future, we are going to see a lot more of these types of instruments as you don’t have to plug them in with a USB cable.

Something nice about this is that it lasts a full month between battery charges. This is important because it’s annoying if you’re constantly having to go through batteries.

5) Alesis Vortex Wireless 2

Alesis Vortex Wireless II

The Alesis Vortex 2 is an incredible controller. I use this night in and night out on tour and it's extremely reliable. You are able to use this from up to 400 ft away from the

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The Alesis Vortex Wireless 2 is technically a keytar, meaning you can wear it and play it like a guitar. However, this thing plays great for a MIDI controller and it has some of the best MIDI technology in a controller today since it’s brand new. It is also wireless.

I have been playing this keytar for a year now and I absolutely love it.

This has 8 different drum pads for musicians looking to launch and trigger clips or tracks. If you don’t want to wear this instrument you can always lay it flat and play it just like a normal keyboard.

6) Icon ICOK-IKEYBOARD4X iKeyboard 4X – 37 – Discontinued


The Icon ICOK is not exactly a huge name brand in MIDI controllers, but this is the one exception. This instrument comes with built-in presets for Ableton and Pro Tools.

This is nice because those are two of the major DAW’s that musicians tend to use. The functionality of this MIDI keyboard is surprisingly good for being a smaller company in the MIDI world.

It feels a little bit cheaper than some of the other products, however, it is on the cheaper side for a controller with 37 keys.


We broke down all of these best 37 key MIDI keyboard controllers and picked the ones that actually work well with DAWs and aren’t going to leave you with major headaches.

If you’re a beginner, I recommend checking out my ultimate guide to the best MIDI keyboard for beginners before heading out.

  1. There is one big problem for me with all the current 37 key boards: they all start on a C.
    I want a portable midi controller which I can use for a baroque trio whose music for the continuo keyboard is that of the piano “great stave”, i.e. g2 up to f5. With all the current models, if I want to play the bottom5 notes of the bass clef, then I lose the top 5 notes of the treble clef, and vice versa. I could use a 49 key board, but that is much more unwieldy.
    Were the keyboard to start on a g, then, for example, a two handed A major chord could be played across the whole of piano stave, bass and treble.
    Why do all the boards start on a C, not G which reflects the majority of piano music?

  2. David’s point above/below is very well made. It is crazily difficult to find a relatively portable midi keyboard that has, 1, weighted or semi-weighted full-size keys and, 2, that seems to recognise the actual needs of players by organising the keyboard to accommodate piano music/players. When new entrants into midi keyboard production do arrive, invariably they concentrate only on being cheaper than the competition rather than producing something that their competitors, for whatever reason, continue to ignore. Cheap and cheaper lightweight keys are hardly in short supply, nor are huge arrays of pads and buttons. What is sadly nowhere to be seen is a good, well-built playable midi keyboard (where everything is a bonus not a distraction).

    1. Hey Pat,

      I have been using the Novation Launchkey MK3 37 key and I think it’s great. Major step up compared some of Novation’s earlier models that I toured with.

      Comes fully mapped with Ableton/Cubase other major DAWs. The build structure is also much better than previous models. Definitely worth checking out!

    2. I feel you both! A 37 full size keys, weighted board would be my dream. I could take it everywhere, but still maintain (somewhat) my piano chops. I the iRig is ok, but feels like a toy (I got one of the early versions). I am starting to think the keytar might not be a bad option. The Roland keytars had a similar feel to my Fantom.

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