Pianoteq 8 Standard Edition


The Best There Is

I’ve used over 30 piano plugins over the years and Pianoteq 8 is my absolute favorite. It’s lightweight, sounds massive, and gives you ultimate tweaking control at your fingertips.



Ultimate Control

Refine existing piano models but also to craft entirely new and personalized piano sounds. This versatility is a key advantage of a truly modeled piano, as it unlocks boundless creative possibilities for musicians. Whether it’s tweaking hammer hardness, fine-tuning string tension, or shaping reverb, resonance, and timbre, users have the freedom to tailor every aspect of their instruments. With Pianoteq 8, musicians can build their music using instruments that are as distinctive and individual as the compositions themselves.

Pianoteq 8 Features

  • Embrace the concept of a physically modeled virtual instrument, boasting a small footprint and endless customization options.
  • Explore an array of historical instruments in the included KIViR collection, ranging from bells to carillons.
  • Fine-tune your sound with a plethora of unique adjustable physical parameters, including unison width, octave stretching, and sympathetic resonance.
  • Unlock new sonic possibilities with Morphing and Layering features.
  • Experience dynamic timbre variation across all 127 MIDI velocities.
  • Exercise precise control over dynamics in both timbre and volume.
  • Benefit from Polyphonic Aftertouch, particularly advantageous for the Clavichord.
  • Encounter realistic sympathetic resonances, including duplex scale.
  • Experiment with microtuning capabilities, supporting the Scala format.
  • Adjust mechanical noise to your liking.
  • Shape your sound effortlessly with the built-in graphic equalizer.
  • Utilize the built-in graphic curve for key velocity, note-off, and pedal adjustments.
  • Ensure optimal keyboard performance with the keyboard calibration assistant.
  • Access 10 types of pedals, assignable to 4 UI pedals, for versatile pedal control.
  • Achieve nuanced partial-pedaling effects with the progressive sustain pedal.
  • Immerse yourself in rich convolution reverb.
  • Explore a variety of effects including Tremolo, Wah, and more.
  • Experience natural note repetition with Mallet bounce.
  • Choose from a range of instrument conditions, from mint to vintage.
  • Customize your sound further with variable lid positions.
  • Adjust microphone positions across 5 channels for optimal recording.
  • Benefit from multi-channel support, offering up to 5 channels.
  • Enjoy smooth performance with 32-bit internal computation and no quantization noise.
  • Render high-resolution MIDI formats including CC#88 and Disklavier XP.
  • Experience fast installation and loading times, perfect for laptops, with a small file size under 50MB.
  • Explore an extended key range of 105 keys for the Steinway D and K2 grand pianos.
  • Ensure compatibility with 64-bit hosts and operating systems.
  • Expand your sonic palette with optional instruments available separately.
  • Receive 3 instrument packs of your choice to enhance your creative arsenal.

New York Steinway Model D

MODARTT, as a pioneering piano plugin company, has established collaborations with renowned piano manufacturers such as Steinway & Sons, Steingraeber & Söhne, Bechstein, Blüthner, Grotrian, and Petrof. These esteemed partners have endorsed the exceptional sonic fidelity and playability of their concert grand pianos meticulously modeled within

Pianoteq 8. In an exclusive partnership with Steinway & Sons, MODARTT has meticulously crafted a stunning rendition of the Model D Concert Grand, housed within the iconic Steinway Hall in New York City. This particular piano, the inaugural instrument of Steinway’s flagship model, boasts a prestigious lineage, having been graced by performances from some of today’s most celebrated pianists. The addition of the New York Steinway Model D to Pianoteq’s existing Hamburg Steinway D enriches the platform with the legendary Steinway concert piano sound, renowned for its unparalleled musical expression and depth.


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