On-Stage KS7365-EJ Folding-Z Stand – How Good Is It?

Z stand with my keyboards

If you have ever played a show or had the unfortunate experience of trying to record keyboards in a studio with a wobbly or shaky stand, you’re not alone. After testing out and using nearly every keyboard stand available, I was able to get my hands on the On-Stage KS7365-EJ folding Z stand with a second tier.

It is my opinion that the KS7365-EJ might be the most durable and stable stand I have been able to test out. While Z stands differ from the X stand, I believe the Z stand offers far more stability than the X and can hold far more weight.

I feel like keyboard stands are often overlooked and not viewed as an essential piece of equipment until you find yourself playing a show with $-3,000-$ 4,000 worth of keyboards on a wobbly stand. However, when it comes to protecting my expensive investments, I trust this stand more than any other so far.

The KS7365-EJ keyboard stand is built for both live and studio settings, and I highly recommend it. 

On stage keyboard stand
My stand set up with two keyboards in my studio

As you can see, I was able to set two heavy keyboards on my stand with zero worries of it tipping.

Let’s get into the full review below.


  • It houses two heavy keyboards
  • Compact
  • Stable second tier
  • Can make adjustments at the base of the stand
  • Can adjust the length to adapt to all sizes of keyboards
  • Durable 
  • Can hold up to 400 lbs comfortably (I put 100 lbs of keyboards on it and my body weight, and it didn’t budge)


  • Expensive for beginners

Preferred Retailer

My preferred retailer, as most other professional musicians, is Sweetwater. This company knocks it out of the park in terms of shipping time, especially with customer service.

On-Stage is also a fantastic company, in which I have used many of their products over the years, with this particular stand becoming my favorite yet.

How I Graded The On-Stage KS7365

When buying keyboard stands, always focus on stability. There are several stands out there that might look cool or simple yet are prone to durability issues and stability issues.

When loading up your expensive keyboards on your stand, I can assure you that the last thing you want to worry about is your stand tipping over or wobbling while playing it.

I’ve played over 500 shows throughout the country with basically every stand you could imagine. Yet, the KS7365 performs when it comes to stability and durability.

I graded this stand by assessing the following:

  • Build quality
  • Stability
  • Weight
  • Ease set up/breakdown
  • Ability to hold keyboards
  • Customizability


Height: 24-36″

Width: 21-33″

Tier 1 Depth: 16.5″

Second Tier: 5-12″

Second Tier Depth: 16 1/4″

Build: Welded

Weight Capacity: 375-400 lbs

 If you’re like me and own heavy older synths, this stand is tremendous. The first tier can comfortably hold 315 lbs, while the second tier can hold another 60 lbs.

On-Stage KS7365 – EJ Keyboard Stand Review

The first thing I noticed with this stand is that it doesn’t feel cheap and flimsy like other stands I have used in the past. 

It’s a bit on the heavier side, which I genuinely prefer as the number one thing I grade keyboard stands on is stability/durability.

I can’t stress enough stability in a keyboard stand over the ease of setting them up. Yes, it’s nice to be able to set up quickly and X-stand; however, I’ve found that this particular Z-stand shines where it matters most, and that is the ability to hold your keyboards without any sense of wobbling.


The design is to my liking, much more so than any X-stand I’ve used. This is designed for keyboardists who have heavy keyboards/synths as part of their keyboard rig.

The stand itself can hold up to 400 lbs safely, which is a lot more than an X-stand is capable of doing. 

A common problem most stands have is that the outputs/inputs of your keyboards might interfere with the construction of the stand. With this one, I didn’t have this problem.

Weight Of Stand

The stand is a bit heavier than traditional X-stands, and honestly, I prefer this. But, on the other hand, there’s nothing worse than setting up your 70 lb keyboard on a stand for a show and wondering if the stand is going to hold it while you are rocking out.

Note: Always put your heaviest keyboard on the bottom level of your keyboard stand. This isn’t a tip just for this specific stand, but for all stands. 

The bottom level is built to carry a majority of the weight, and the top is there to hold your second keyboard, seeing how your second keyboard will typically be lighter than your main keyboard. 

For my setup, I placed a Roland FA 08 and an Alesis Prestige Artist atop the stand, which is about 100 lbs. The frame was rock-solid and didn’t budge or wobble, even when playing aggressively. This is encouraging, considering I never felt comfortable touring with X-stands over the fear of my Dave Smith Prophet keyboard falling from the top level.

Height Adjustments

Whether you enjoy standing or sitting at your keyboards, this stand is a perfect fit. You are able to adjust the height of the stand to your liking much better than with a traditional X-stand.

Those who prefer sitting while playing will also find this to fit their needs better than an X-stand, as you can adjust it to the exact height you like.

On-Stage KS7365 VS X-Stands

If you’re like me and don’t trust traditional stands with your expensive keyboards, the KS7365 is worth every penny.

When comparing it to an X-stand, it outshines them in every way possible. Not only can they withstand far more weight, but they’re also more durable, stable, and adjustable.

When I was touring, I was going through 2-3 X-stands a tour as they simply were not durable. If you’re putting stands in a trailer with other equipment, they become even less stable.

The main problem I have with X-stands vs. this Z-stand is that the X-stands metal seems to warp on the bottom very quickly. I haven’t had this problem in any way with this stand, and this is important as this leads to stands being wobbly, which is always the complaint with X-stands.

Second Tier

The second tier of this stand allows you to adjust the depth and height to your preference comfortably. This outshines other stands because I’ve always had problems adjusting my second keyboard to my liking. I could never get the angle just right, and after time, the inside of my stand would strip, leaving me with a stand I could not adjust. 

Velcro Pads

On-Stag includes velcro pads with the purchase of this stand. I found this ironic as I always end up using velcro pads to secure my keyboards. These can be used to give you one more element of protection/security.

I also have used velcro on the bottom of my sustain pedal/or for securing loose cables to my stand.


Assembling the stand

While you can likely figure out how to assemble this stand, I recommend just going to the bottom of your box and finding a container that has additional attachments along with instructions.

If you follow the instructions, it’s straightforward to assemble and won’t take you very long.

Like assembling any product, there is a slight learning curve with putting it together, however, I hit a point where it clicked and I was able to finish the build quickly.

Your Choice For Expensive Keyboards

Wrapping up this article, I want to mention one more time that this is the first time in which I’m not terrified my keyboard stand is going to collapse mid-performance.

From design to compactness, the KS7365-EJ truly shines, providing a far more stable stand than its competitors. 

On-Stage KS7365-EJ






Ease Of Assembly



  1. I’ve had this stand for several years and I highly endorse it. Rock solid and no wobble. I’ve even had two Kong Triton Studio 88 keyboards on it (both 65lbs) at the same time with no problem. In addition, I have the mic and iPad adapters/attachments attached to it. No longer necessary to transport additional free standing stands.
    The only drawback when using both tiers is you can’t fold it flat with the 2nd tier attached. 2nd tier must be removed. Although that’s easy to do, that’s the only inconvenience.

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