CME Xkey Air Review – Full Thoughts

The not so conventional CME Xkey Air is a MIDI keyboard that has made some great improvements from its predecessor. You will notice at first glance that this controller looks different than your typical controller and it also has some features that other controllers don’t as well.

Great Bluetooth functionality

CME Xkey Air

The CME Xkey Air is a great Bluetooth MIDI keyboard that works well with IOS.

You can view the CME Xkey Air and read additional customer reviews at the links below:

Although the CME Xkey Air isn’t brand new, I still believe this is a fantastic controller for certain things.

It is my opinion that the CME Xkey 25, and 37 work exceptionally well for producers on the go. This bluetooth controller is great for IOS devices and it has exceptional functionality.


  • Polyphonic aftertouch
  • Lightweight
  • Bluetooth
  • Full-sized velocity-sensitive keys
  • Fits into a backpack
  • Works well with major DAWs
  • Durable aluminum build


  • Limited features

So, in short, why do I like this controller so much? Well, it has polyphonic aftertouch, full-size velocity-sensitive keys, and it weighs under 1.5 pounds.

CME Xkey Air 25 & 37 Overview

This is currently the sleekest Bluetooth controller available on the market. As you can see, it’s razor-thin and it has been streamlined to have fewer features and focus on portability and functionality.

CME Xkey Air overview

One thing I want to point out right away is that the Bluetooth functionality works to perfection. I personally can’t believe more keyboard companies haven’t tackled this earlier.

If you have any doubts about the Bluetooth having a lag, I haven’t experienced any with the CME Xkey Air. Also, I want to point out that Alesis also has a Bluetooth keytar that works exceptionally without any latency.

This keyboard features a sustain button and pitch-bend/modulation strips for more convenience. While I typically prefer wheels over strips, I totally get it as strips make it easier to travel with.

Who Is The Air For?

This can be used by advanced producers or even beginners. It’s made for portability and functionality with IOS. This is an extremely convenient controller that you can use both in the studio and on the road.


The CME Xkey Air is easily one of the most portable keyboard controllers available. Coming in at 15.2 inches wide, 5.31 inches tall, and 1.3 pounds, this controller is perfect for your backpack along with a tablet or laptop.

The durability surprised me with the CME Xkey Air as well. I was worried that it would feel much cheaper than it actually does since it has a different type of build.

The Keys

I was skeptical about the keys, to be honest. With this being said, I actually think the keys are pretty great overall. They’re full-sized and they feel like a typical MIDI controllers keys would.

When you’re talking about a smaller controller, the keys are not going to feel like a digital piano and this is important to note.

Polyphonic aftertouch on the keys is a great feature and kind of surprising since the CME Xkey Air is so affordable.

A frustrating thing about some smaller controllers is the fact that they mini keys. Some musicians do not like these at all as they can be a little bit more difficult to play.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Bluetooth on this keyboard is great. Bluetooth capabilities have come a long way over the years and the CME Xkey Air showcases this.

To read more about Bluetooth keyboards, you can check out our roundup on the best Bluetooth MIDI keyboards here.

What I Like

I personally love the polyphonic aftertouch and the full-sized keys. For me, it’s perfect to travel with and it’s super user-friendly.

The IOS functionality on the Air is impressive. It’s really cool to be able to connect with an Ipad and instantly be able to access hundreds of great VSTS immediately.

There’s a rechargeable lithium battery with this keyboard that makes for ultra convenience. You can plug it in with a micro USB cable or just use the battery.

The Build

I like that the construction of this keyboard was built with aluminum. It makes for a really durable keyboard that you won’t be terrified of destroying.

VS The Akai MPK225

The Akai MPK225 has more functionality and features than the Air. With this being said, the air is more portable than the MPK225.

If you’re someone who really likes pads and encoders, you will probably want to with the Akai. The Air is perfect for the musician who wants something that focuses on portability and Bluetooth capabilities.


Overall, I believe the CME Xkey Air is a great 25 key controller and 37 key controller. This is the ultimate portable option for full-sized keys.

You don’t get very many features and I do wish there was a sustain pedal port, however, I totally get it. The Air excels at providing a super functional MIDI keyboard that works well with IOS.

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